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Debt Collection Services

Windscore deals with debt collection in the broadest sense of the word. We operate all over Poland. We negotiate repayment dates in a way making it possible for the clients of our Clients to remain clients and not become debtors. We are firm with debtors, urging the reasonable ones to repay their debts amicably. We represent our Clients in court proceedings, taking actions which make such proceedings as short as possible. We conduct efficient and consistent enforcement proceedings based on services of reliable court bailiff offices. Our professionals know how to develop most profitable scenarios for every debt collection order, making use of a wide range of debt collection tools tailored to meet our Client needs. Our strength is the ability to combine elements of different debt collection methods into a coherent and effective process ensuring best debt repayment results. Meeting halfway our Client expectations we are flexible and most effective.


Moreover, at every stage of debt collection, we offer our Clients trust debt collection services where the Client transfers its rights to receivables to Windscore for the time of the provision of services. In such cases Windscore acts as the owner of receivables (becomes a party to the dispute replacing the Client). On the one hand, it makes it possible to motivate the debtor to repay its debt promptly, and, on the other, it helps channel the debtor’s negative emotions connected with debt collection to Windscore, which makes it possible for Windscore Clients and their debtors to maintain appropriate business relations.



At the early stage of debt becoming overdue we take actions reminding debtors about their arrears and negotiate prompt repayment schedules. First of all, we contact debtors by phone and make use of various forms of mass communication, sending SMS messages, e-mails and reminders. In line with our Client’s expectations the aim of this process is usually to restore a defaulting client to regular cooperation. Monitoring is also used in conciliatory processes, when, having negotiated the terms of debt repayment with the debtor, we consistently watch how they are met.

Amicable Proceedings


This type of service is aimed at a prompt recovery of Client’s overdue debt without going to court. It consists of making use of comprehensive debt collection tools and techniques urging debtors to repay their debts. The result is debtor’s fast reaction to the existing arrears and increased chances of debt recovery. At that stage, we propose our Clients to make use of our offer of debt collection visits. These are primarily direct meetings with debtors at the place of their residence or work. Such visits are also used by our field debt collection professionals to determine debtor’s assets and gather information which can be useful at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Debt Collection in Court


Windscore offers its Clients court proceedings, both classical (on paper) and in e-court (Electronic Writ of Payment Proceedings - EPU). Cases at this stage are conducted from the time they are filed with the court until the receipt of a writ of execution. Depending on Client needs we can conduct complex debt collection processes developed individually for specific cases or promptly obtain writs of execution through electronic proceedings in cases involving mass portfolios.


Enforcement Proceedings

The key element of successful enforcement proceedings is the right selection of a bailiff office. Based on the experience of its team Windscore has developed a base of bailiff offices which are instrumental in achieving the best results in the form the soonest possible recovery of the largest possible amounts at the lowest possible costs. On behalf of its Clients Windscore monitors the work of court bailiffs with the same determination and consistency as it watches debtors. Our employees, acting jointly with the employees of a bailiff office, are looking for debtor’s assets and the best methods of reaching them with an effective collection.

Special Cases in Debt Collection


Having a specialized team of legal counsel/attorneys, Windscore can also offer its Clients specialized processes such as:

  • representing the Creditor in insolvency proceedings;
  • acting on behalf of Clients in adverse claims;
  • preparing and acting in criminal cases against Clients’ debtors;
  • looking for and recovering debt from debtor’s heirs.



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