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Debt Buying

The sale of debt is the simplest way of recovery of cash blocked in the company’s receivables. Windscore buys receivables arising from both unpaid invoices and accounting notes, as well as under facility, loan or security agreements. We ensure prompt and efficient buying process and reliable valuation based on the information provided by our Clients wishing to dispose of their debts.


The debt buying process is simple and consists of the following stages:

  • Signing of a confidentiality agreement
  • Debt analysis
  • Valuation
  • Transfer of the fixed price

What does the price depend on?

  • On the age of debt
  • On the extent of previous involvement in debt collection
  • On the stage of proceedings of cases in the package under evaluation
  • On security instruments


What happens to debt bought by Windscore?

Bought receivables are processed with the same standards as debts ordered to be collected. We can guarantee that our actions will not expose the Creditor’s original image in the eyes of its current or future clients. In the debt recovery process we always comply with the applicable laws and the principles of good financial market practices.



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